Better Performance & Greater Comfort

A balanced fly rod allows you reduce strain on your arm and shoulders while getting the best performance out of your gear. FINN Rod Balancers allow you to balance any fly rod and reel in just seconds.

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Before & After

What a balanced fly rod looks like. Before and after using FINN rod balancing kit


  • Quick & Easy Setup

    Setting up your balancing kit is a breeze and takes just a few seconds. Includes a link to video & written user guide.

  • Interchangable Design

    Quickly swap balancing rings between rigs allows you to use one kit to balance all your rods on the go and to lower your total carry weight when bringing multiple rigs.

  • Stretch to Fit Any Rod

    Designed with compatability in mind, the band stretches to secure onto a wide range of rod barrel widths.

  • Protects Your Rod

    Each balancing ring has a grippy RodShield soft coating on the beads to prevent sliding around or scratching your rod.

  • Eco Friendly Metals

    Made with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable metals.

  • Stays Securely On Your Rod

    The strong magnetic clasp ensures that the balancing rings will stay secure even with the most aggressive casts.

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