About Us

Steven Records - Founder of FINN Fly Fishing - Current River Rainbow Trout


FINN Fly Fishing is a fly fishing brand that began in late 2021. The company was founded in Springfield, MO by avid fly fishermen, Steven Records, with a mission to create reliable gear that could stand up to the demands of the most dedicated fly fishermen looking for better gear performance and greater comfort.

Whether you are headed for a dream fly fishing destination for a week, backpacking for a weekend to fish secluded alpine lakes, or just hitting that beautiful local stream you have been to 100 times. Our mission is to design and develop the gear you trust to succeed for every fly fishing adventure.


Helping Others In the Sport

We remember what it is like first time you try out fly fishing. It takes time to learn to fly fish, but once you get the hang of it, it’s addicting. That is why we are determined to help educate and support people interested in learning more about this amazing sport.

Protecting Our Waters & Fisheries

We believe that nature and all the wildlife we get to enjoy are a gift from God. So we believe it’s important to advocate for keeping our waterways healthy and well populated. We believe in protecting our streams and fish to ensure great fishing opportunities are still around for our future generations.

Relentlessly Serve Customers

It’s really easy to say things like “Customers are our #1 priority,” but often this is overstated and under demonstrated. We want to change that by listening to our customers, giving insightful answers to your questions, creating quality products, getting orders shipped quickly, and making returns a painless experience. 

Giving Back

We believe in giving back and supporting non-profit organizations that are doing good in the world. From disaster relief to improvements to fisheries, we want make a difference by leading with generosity. We will be deciding on which charities to support, how to structure it, and when to implement it during our first full year in business, 2022.

God & Nature

Every time we go out and fish, we can’t help but be reminded by the beauty of nature and the intelligence of wildlife that there is a God. We believe being out in nature brings us closer to God and that nature points to a Creator in all its complexity and beauty.