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Fly Rod Balancing Kit

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Improve your fly rod performance and increase your comfort while fishing with a perfectly balanced fly rod and reel. 

The FINN Rod Balancing Kit is the first of its kind. Enabling you to quickly and easily balance your fly rod and reel in just a few seconds without worrying about finding the perfectly weighted reel or re-rigging your fly rod setup. 


  • Reduce arm and shoulder strain
  • Quickly balance any fly rod and reel*
  • Maximize rod performance and control
  • Increase rod sensitivity
  • Improve casting
  • Lightens your total carry weight


  • Stretches to fit any fly rod
  • Interchangeable design
  • RodShield soft outer coating
  • Strong magnetic clasp
  • Perfectly weighted for balance
  • Eco-friendly metals
  • Lightweight tin case


3 Pack

The 3 pack is perfect for most light to moderate weight rods (#5 or below). Great for most dry fly, indicator, and euro nymphing rigs or for rod and reel combos that are not severely off-balanced by an undersized or plastic reel.

  • 1 Tin Case
  • 3x Balancing Rings
  • Max counterweight: 1.75oz (50.4g)

6 Pack

The 6 pack is ideal for heavier rigs (#6+) or for rods and reel combos that are severely off-balanced. For instance, streamer rigs and rigs with a plastic or undersized reel. 

  • 2 Tin Cases
  • 6x Balancing Rings
  • Max counterweight: 3.55oz (100.8g)



  • Tin Case Dimensions: 3.6in (9.2cm) x 1.25in (3.2cm) x 0.4in (1cm)
  • Balancing Ring Outer Dimensions: 1.1in x 1.1in (2.8cm x 2.8cm)
  • Balancing Ring Inner Dimensions: 0.6in (1.6cm)
  • Compatible Rod Barrel Sizes: 0.59in - 0.86in (1.5cm - 2.2cm) 


  • Balancing Ring Weight: 0.6oz (16.8g)
  • Max Counter Weight (3 Pack): 1.75oz (50.4g)
  • Max Counter Weight ( 6 Pack): 3.55oz (100.8g)
  • Total Product Weight (3 Pack Including Case): 2.28oz (64.9g)
  • Total Product Weight (6 Pack Including Case): 4.57oz (129.8g)

*We still recommend getting an appropriately sized reel for your rod to ensure it can hold all your line and to get your initial weight in the ballpark. For instance, start with a 5wt reel for a 5wt rod or use a heavier reel for a 3wt euro nymphing rod.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kerry McClain
Works great

I’ve used all kinds of home brewed methods for weighting my fly rods for the purpose of balancing. Outfit balance is paramount to me. Nice to have a product that addresses that. The weight stayed in place even after vigorous casting.

Smart design

This kit is exactly what I needed to balance out my fly rod while using my favorite, lightweight reel. I noticed a difference right away and I feel like I have better control with less effort than without the weight. Strong magnets and coated weights to assure I won't damage my rod while using them... They don't move once in place. If I need to change reels, I can quickly remove or add weights as needed, no fuss. Excellent product, very well thought out, and highly satisfied. Glad I took the chance, no regrets, all positive. Thank you

Steven Morikawa
balance is good

I am in a very busy fly casting teaching group. We see about 150 caster per month.
Yes that number is right! It has gone as high as 200 and as low as 100. But is a lot of folks. And we run into a lot of unbalanced setups. Mostly two handed setups. So the Kit has been very, very valuable!! It make folks believers.

August Edwards
Great Idea

Works very well. I just love when a solution is invented.

sean stevens
Falls a little short with universality

These looked like a great idea to quickly fix hand fatigue. I wanted to use these for my switch rod and spey rods, however, they would not fit the diameter of the butt section. Also, I ponder the reliability of the magnets. Time will tell if they hold with adequate usage. I placed them on my 5 weights. Need to get some use out of them on the water to put these to the test.