Who is FINN Fly Fishing? Mission, Values, Founding

FINN Fly Fishing is a fly fishing brand that began in 2021, with the first product release coming near the end of 2021. The company was founded in Springfield, MO by avid fly fishermen, Steven Records, with a mission to create gear that made fishermen perform better and fish comfortably for longer when out on the water.

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First Product Coming Soon

The first product, FINN Rod Balancers,  is coming later this year. The product allows fishermen to balance out their fly rod in just a few seconds. This allows fisherman to enjoy the many benefits of a balanced rod without the hassle, expense, and limitations of finding the perfect reel to balance your rig.

Creating Gear That Won't Hold You Back in The Most Demanding of Adventures

We believe gear shouldn't hold you back or distract you from enjoying fly fishing, no matter where your adventures take you. Our focus with each product is to create gear that enables you to focus on creating memories and catching fish. To do that, we commit to creating quality, well-designed products that deserve to exist.

Helping Others In the Sport

I remember the first time I tried out fly fishing. I knew nothing about the sport and often defaulted to my days growing up fishing with my dad for bass and crappie. It takes time to learn to fly fish, but once you get the hang of it, it's addicting. That is why we are determined to help educate and support people interested in learning more about this amazing sport.

Protecting Our Waters & Fisheries

We believe that nature and all the wildlife we get to enjoy are a gift from God. So we believe it's important to advocate for keeping our waterways healthy and well populated. We believe in protecting our streams and fish to ensure great fishing opportunities are still around for our future generations.

Relentlessly Serve Customers

It's really easy to say things like "Customers are our #1 priority," but often this is overstated and under demonstrated. We want to change that by reading every bit of customer feedback we receive and implementing changes to how we do things and the products we create based on what we hear from you.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back and supporting non-profit organizations that are doing good in the world. From disaster relief to improvements to fisheries, we want make a difference by leading with generosity. We will be deciding on which charities to support and how to structure it during our first full year in business, 2022.

God & Nature

Every time we go out and fish, we can't help but be overcome by the beauty of Creation and the intelligence of wildlife. We believe God created all things and that nature points to this in all its complexity and beauty.

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